HERBAL & SPICE BLENDS Herbs 105646 (S7054) Camomile Blossoms, whole 105645 (S7053) Hibiscus Flowers 105649 (S7058) Lemongrass, cut 105648 (S7057) Peppermint, cut 102997 (S7052) Rosehip Shells 105673 (S7083) Spearmint / Crisped Mint Mate Mate, the Argentinian national drink, is becoming ever more pop- ular. It is produced from the leaves of yerba mate, ilex paraguar- iensis. Mate is often an ingredient in fasting teas. Traditionally, it is prepared in a calabash gourd and drunk through a metal straw, a bombilla. Mate leaves can be brewed several times with boiling hot water. 105651 (S7060) Mate Green 105652 (S7061) Mate Roasted 105660 (S7069) Mate Chai – Flavoured Mate and Spice Blend– Traditional chai spices such as carda- mom and cinnamon can also form a perfect harmony with mate Ingredients: green mate (54 %), cin- namon pieces, ginger pieces, carda- mom pods, cardamom seeds, vanilla, flavourings 105653 (S7062) Mate Honey – Flavoured Mate – Mildly bitter mate is given a sweet honey note here Ingredients: mate (96 %), flavouring 105677 (S7087) Mate Lemon & Lime organic – Flavoured Mate, Herb and Fruit Blend – Pungent and lemony works very well together. Like in this mate with a flavour of lemon and lime Ingredients: green mate* (34 %), apple pomace*, lemongrass*, liquorice root*, lemon peel*, flavourings, acid: citric acid, lime pieces*, lemon myrtle*, sunflower petals* (* ingredients from organic production) Contains liquorice root – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption of this product. 114721 Mate Matcha Roasted Almond – Flavoured Mate Blend with Matcha – Mildly bitter mate delivers a wonder- fully almond-y performance here, with fruity, cinnamon sweetness Ingredients: apple, green mate (25 %), almonds , beetroot, cinnamon, flavouring, green tea Matcha 105661 (S7070) Mate Roasted Chai – Flavoured Roasted Mate and Spice Blend – Oriental, sweet spicy notes with a hint of roasted flavour from the mate Ingredients: mate roasted (54 %), cinna- mon pieces, ginger pieces, cardamom pods, cardamom seeds, vanilla, flavourings Lapacho This ‘tea’ is obtained from the inner bark of the South Ameri- can Red Lapacho tree. Properly prepared, the pleasant flavour is slightly reminiscent of vanilla. Lapacho tea should be enjoyed lukewarm or cold. Preparation: Put 1 to 2 tbs of Lapacho bark into one litre of cold water. Bring to a boil, simmer for 5 min. and allow to brew for another 10 to 15 min. 105650 (S7059) Lapacho HERBAL & SPICE BLENDS 61 60 HERBAL & SPICE BLENDS Craft Tea for portafilters The World of tea under one Roof Powerful stimulant. New tea brewing technique. Familiar handling. Perfect teas for portafilters. freshly made by baristas with the portafilter